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The Safety Channel 

Safety is our number one priority for you, A safe ride helps save life, will always have ways to show you how to be safe on and off the road

How to Pick up your bike safely
There is a right way and a wrong way, don't injuire yourself picking up your bike
Experience tells all.

here's some safety tips that could save your life

Motorcycle safety: how to ride safely and stay alive
Ride along with me and learn new techniques to put safety in the forefront and the rear view mirror
How Not To Drop Your Motorcycle

On The Road Again Motorcycle School for motorcycle instruction, motorcycle training, motorcycle safety & motorcycle license.

STREET SMARTS Motorcycle Safety Video.

One of the best motorcycle instruction videos made when the rules on a motorcycle in traffic still is the same no matter if it was made in the year 1960 or 2016. Watch and enjoy and maybe you learn something who one day could save your life on your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Riding for Beginners

Quick tips for getting on your motorcycle for the first time.
I am 5'11" 180lbs for those that are interested.

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