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Alien Octane® Motocross Team

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Get Ready for a Totally Different Kind of competition TV show

Registration Coming Soon

Register to be in the next round of competition of The 
Alien Octane Motocross  Team coming to a Motocross Track near you
shown Exclusively on The Motorcycle Channel® 

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Alien Octane® Motocross  Team

In 2021 Alien Octane® Sports Iced Tea will create its own Motocross Racing team. The focus will be more for the Television viewing audience rather than on the track. The first season will include Racers male and females riders from ages 4 - 26 which will range  from novice to pro. 

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Alien Octane® Motocross  Team

 The focus will be to promote  the Alien Octane® Sports Iced Tea brand with special appearances throughout the New York Tri-state area. Like any Motocross Team Alien Octane® will be outfitted in every kind of motocross gear possible Stay tuned as info will become available. Also Investment opportunities are available for this amazing new beverage that will be targeting  Motocross , extreme sports and the general public

 Do you have what it takes to be outfitted in Alien Octane®, we will be looking for ten Dirt Warriors that has the tenacity and drive to represents Alien Octane® Motocross Racing team 

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Alien Octane® Motocross Team

Riders will compete to be on the team and it will be constant competition for the  battle to the top through obstacle couses, skills competition, Enduro Racing and other motocross competition. This will be something totally new and different to the Motocross world on TV

Alien Octane® Motocross Team

In the hard world of competitive motocross racing, sometimes its just not your day. The Alien Octane Motocross Racing Competition highlights other skills besides speed. Come and see what you have to offer and maybe you will be that motocross star that the world has been waiting for . The competiton starts soon and so will registration to have your chance to be on this exciting new TV series that will show your skills to the world

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Alien Octane®  Motocross  Team

In 2022 Alien Octane® Sports Iced Tea will create its own Motocross Racing team. We are looking for sponsors to help Support this incredilble TV series. for details give me a ring to talk logistics and investments opportunities Zman 845-674-7283 or

Help Us launch our Alien Octane® Motocross Team 

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Registration Coming Soon

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