The Motorcycle Channel®    reality tv show

Making The Motorcycle Channel®

This TV show is a reality based TV show about creating and building

a brand new network from scratch


TV show ideas will be submitted from all over the world. The executive panel will have to sift through the submissions to find potential TV shows that will not only be for The Motorcycle Channel® agenda but will be hit TV shows for the channel as well.

Although this is one element of the show, this will be the heart and soul of the reality TV show, for once the executives pick the show through its reel or through a TV pitch. The TV show creator will have to come to The Motorcycle Channel® Headquarters and convince the executive panel that their show have what it takes to be on The Motorcycle Channel®.

The executive panel will have the right to have the TV show improve the shows concept or come up with a better concept or alter the show to fit the Network's criteria. The key is finding the right show for the channel.

The other elements of the show are to find the Headquarters for The Motorcycle Channel®. The Motorcyclepedia Museum or The orange County Choppers building in Orange County, New York would be ideal and will be one of the first targets of The Motorcycle Channel® Headquarters. If this was to happen, Newburgh, New York would become the Northeast destination for the Motorcycle World with Orange County Choppers world Headquarters and Motorcyclepedia  Motorcycle Museum already being key biker destinations

The Motorcycle Channel®

Dedicated to the memory of Lisa Petulla Casiano 

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