Welcome to the Motorcycle Channel®, The Motorcycle Channel® will be the TV network for millions of motorcycle riders.  This channel will be a one stop shop for all thing motorcycles. Stream your favorite Motorcycle TV show here, from up and coming reality TV series to motorcycle movie classics. Find it here on The Motorcycle Channel®

The Future of Motorcycle TV viewing

Why you may want to support us...

1. An untapped subscription channel with a potential of 1 million subscribers a month

2. Entrepreneur Media is our sponsoring partner and giving us mentoring advice and well as promotional help

3. We are building a subscribership base through local motocross racing and will build on that base with each motorcycle category we touch, start locally and build globally 

With billion dollar TV channels like The History Channel, The Golf Channel, Food Network and The Discovery Channel; these priority focused channels have dominated the airwaves to cover a solitary subject; we will do the same to draw millions of motorcycles enthusiasts. Introducing The Motorcycle Channel®, with the help of our consulting partner Entrepreneur Magazine , Vimeo and Choice Films The Motorcycle Channel®will be able to be viewed on all of the popular platforms immediately like Roku's, Amazon Firetv, Apple TV, Smart TV's , iPhones, Androids phones and more. We project that this subscription video on Demand platform will become a very popular go to platform for mototrcycle lovers 

Our focus is simply motorcycle riders and enthusiasts who love the adventure of riding, Our focus is to accommodate the TV viewing needs of a motorcyclist, whether it’s a feature films or a DIY documentary on fixing your Harley. The Motorcycle Channel®will be the one stop shop for everything motorcycles.

Our goal is to have 1 million subscribers by the first quarter of 2022 .We are seeking to collaborate with major motorcycle magazines to help build the subscribership to reach our goal and also coordinate the creation and operation of an advertising department for The Motorcycle Channel®that will get major motorcycle advertisers like Harley Davidson, Honda, Gieco and others to make this channel a success.

Stay tuned as we develop our new Subscription on demand TV Channel 

Featured Shows

      Talk Two Wheels 


An hour long retrospect on all thing Motorcycles and beyond, hosted by Jamie Slaughter. This show will highlight some of the most talented riders you’ll ever see in motorcross, circuit

 racing as we Talk Two Wheels 

 Lady Motocross 

         Diaries             This shows is an expose' on female motocross racers currently on the Metropolitan Motocross racing circuit. These female riders tell us how it really is being in a male driven sports and how and why they choose to be in it 

MSC-Moto Racing Series copy.png

The Motorcycle Chronicles 

A weekly expose on celebrity and non-celebrity motorcycle riders talking about their war stories and how their motorcycle life on the road has impacted their lives, family and future. A known motorcycle - Bike of the week (2) Motorcycle Film Festival, Rallies or Events (3) Motorcycle News

HouseWives On Hogs                                                                              Avid motorcycle rider and breast cancer survivor Sarah Spiegel, joined by 3 of her female fellow bikers embark on  adventures to search for other like minded riders and tell their stories of survival and heroism on the road.

The Winners Circle                                                                                    Join us as we talk motocross with the winners of the latest racing event and also see highlights of their last race as they strategize for the upcoming race to gain more points in the standings

Lady Motocross Diaries™                                                                          This shows is an expose on female motocross racers currently on the Metropolitan Motocross racing circuit. These female riders tell us how it really is being in a male driven sports and how and why they choose to be in it 

Investors Q & A

What Do we do

We produce a subscription TV network dedicated to motorcycle riders and enthusiasts The Motorcycle Channel will be able to be viewed on all of the major platforms like Roku, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Smart TVs, iphones, Android phones and more. We will produce original contents for the TV channel and as well host The Motorcycle Channel Film festival, where original motorcycle films and TV shows will be acquired

Where will we be in 5 years? 

We see The Motorcycle Channel as  the industry leader of motorcyle content as well as the go-to place for motorcycle riders for safety, DIY , local, regional and national events as well as creating events nationwide to promote subscribership to our goal of 1 milion subscribers a month

Why did we choose this idea? 

My best friend was killed on a motorcycle in 2003, my lost turned into hate for motorcycles, my hate turned into a passion for motorcycles, my passion turned into an idea to remember her by. The Motorcycle Channel® is dedicated to Lisa Petulla Caisano

Why is this a good idea right now? 

OTT has given us the ability to be selective about the things we watch on our own terms. Only will be able to watch shows about Harleys, but we can chose shows on Motocross, Ducatis, Honda, female bike gangs and any kinds of bike category you can think of. Video on demand enables us to pick and chose at our leisure. only our imagination we limit us on the content that we choose for this channel

How will generate revenue

Motorcycle Channel® is a subscription video on demand channel, revenue will be generated by customers paying a monthly fee to gain unlimited motorcycle content. The channel will also be ad based where we will sell advertising via TV commercial, banners ads and other promotional revenue generating methods

When do we plan to launch the Subscription Network

Motorcycle Channel® is currently building its library as well as planning productions on several reality Tv shows and talks. this includes exclusive productions with Metropolitan Sports Commitee Motocross and other motorcycle related companies that will create original content. We are shooting for a target date of August with or without the current pandemic.

 The Motorcycle Channel® Film Festival
Coming Fall 2022
TMCFF poster for website 2022 web.png

The Motorcycle Channel®, Film Festival celebrates the world’s best dramatic, documentary, short and experimental films created by the International Motorcycle. The Motorcycle Channel Film Festival is a unique cultural event that brings people together to watch universal stories told through the lens of motorcycling. The Motorcycle Channel Film Festival will not only give film makers a chance to be viewed at the film festival, but these works of art will be viewed on our own unique platform of The Motorcycle Channel® and its streaming networks

Dedicated to the memory of Lisa Petulla Casiano 

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