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The Motorcycle Channel® 24/7 Live Channel

Welcome to The Motorcycle Channel®, The Motorcycle Channel® will be the TV network for millions of motorcycle riders.  This channel will be a one stop shop for all thing motorcycles. Stream your favorite Motorcycle TV show here, from up and coming reality TV series to motorcycle movie classics. Find it here on The Motorcycle Channel®

Watch The Motorcycle Channel®  Video on Demand & Live TV available 

free on the following platforms 

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The Motorcycle Channel® Film Festival Viewers Choice Award will be coming Soon, Take a look at films from The Motorcycle Channel® Film Festival. here are some amazing projects to be seen right now Take a look . Voting starts in April

Just click on the film you want to see

The Motorcycle Channel® Film Festival Viewers Choice Award

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Viewers Choice Award Code # TMC1011 - Chasing 200 Jalika and Alp are a African-American supermodel and a nerd. Both decide to become a motorcycle team and set a previously impossible record with classic Triumph motorcycles and nitro power. A short documentary about love, freedom, passion, teamwork and girls power. Director Alexandra Lier

Propoganda copy.png

Viewers Choice Award Code # TMC1009 - Propaganda A motorcycle film that explores the mental and physical strains that individuals face when pushing the boundaries of physics and motorcycle riding. The film address’ everything from the propaganda that athletes tell themselves in order to throw themselves in harm’s way, to the highs and lows that come as a result of their progression. The subjects in this film regularly push themselves beyond and far outside their comfort zone, knowing full well one wrong move could be the end. All because they get bored of the norm. Directed by J.P. Veillet

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Viewers Choice Award Code # TMC1017 - 80-200 The James Hammond Story 80-200 is the story of 80-year-old motorcycle racer James Hammond as he attempts a world record at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Aron is a perpetually irrelevant middle-aged white guy from Northern California. He attended the prestigious NYU film school decades ago with several now-famous film directors that don't remember him. Mr. Campisano makes Independent films because he does not value free time, disposable income, or healthy relationships. He resides in Venice Beach with a dog that has a robot leg. Directed by Aron Campisano

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Viewers Choice Award Code #TMC10018 - Angie: Tales Of Determination Angie: Tales of Determination’ follows the life of Angie Sandow; born with multiple congenital birth defects, the most noticeable being her right arm and hand; she overcame adversity and as a result of the word “can’t” not being in her vocabulary, has accomplished a variety of things including playing lead guitar in her AC/DC Tribute band Bare Rump. Not one to hide her limb difference, Angie now is the lead singer in her classic rock band Lefty and the Goons. After being diagnosed with breast cancer and completing all treatment, Angie decided to live out her dream to start riding her own motorcycles. Angie is a force. Overcoming everything that stands in her way and exuding a personality and propensity to help others by sharing her story. Embraced by the motorcycle community, riding changed Angie’s life introducing her to a whole “new family,” one who accepted her based solely on who she is. Director Christopher Darton

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Viewers Choice Award Code # TMC1002 - The Diaries of the Young Don Describes in a poetic way the journey of a young man to his parenthood. A murder case 30 years ago makes the young Don go on a journey to the place where it happened: Cusco, Peru. Driven by curiosity and the lust for adventure, in search of feelings that go beyond the certainties of a Central European life, Don gets himself a motorcycle, which he henceforth calls Rocinante. With this loyal, but stubborn "mount" he tries to make his way through the Andes, which is not only stony, but also full of dangers. He is accompanied by his wife's voice and the urge to be with her and his unborn daugther someday. The film was created from original documents and true feelings recorded on a journey through Peru. Director Walter Schmuck

Viewers Choice Award Code # TMC1004 - DB-Industries All Day Every Day All Day Every Day is a story of four Enduro riders, coming together once a year to share their love of riding and overlanding, set against the backdrop of breathtaking Swing Arm City, Utah. Getting away from it all is just the beginning. Directed by Morgan Betz, Red Pup Films


Viewers Choice Award Code # TMC1018 - Freedom and Exploration Since COVID is limiting international travel, I decided to buy a motorcycle and explore the open roads of my own country. After living abroad for the past decade I returned to my home country of Canada. Since international travel is still restricted I bought a motorcycle and set out to explore the open roads of my own country. Director Anthony Joh

Best Man Corner -Lanscape copy.png

Viewers Choice Award Code # TMC1012 - Best Man Corner Over 175,000 motorcycle taxi drivers operate across Liberia. Most of them are either former child soldiers or conflict-affected youth who lost out on economic and educational opportunities because of the war. Best Man Corner profiles the young riders of one of Monrovia’s motorcycle taxi ranks, exploring how the ‘motorbike hustle’ is a means of survival but also a form of building peace. Directed by Jaremey McMullin

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Viewers Choice Award Code # TMC1015 - Chasing Light Follow a photographer, filmmaker and a hero rider as they make their way around the Pacific Northwest on a photographic motorcycle adventure. Director Matthew Sanders

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The Motorcycle Channel TV Trailers

PeeWee Heroes  Cover web.png

PeeWee Heroes

Angels Still Ride Cover web.png

Angels Still Ride

Moto-Moms  copy.png

Moto-Moms™(and Dads)

The Dirt warrior Cover web.png

The Dirt Warriors

Lady Rider Adventures Cover web.png

Lady Rider Adventures

The Motorcyce Channel  presents MSC Raci

MSC Motocross Racing Series 

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Motorcycle incorporated  copy.png

Motorcycle Incorporated

Biker Magazine  copy.png

Biker Magazine

East Coast Motorcycle Mountain Climb  co

East Coast Motorcycle Mountain Climb

Stay tuned as we develop our new Subscription on demand TV Channel 

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Watch The Motorcycle Channel®  Video on Demand & Live TV available free on 

Featured Shows

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PeeWee Heroes Logo cropped.png

PeeWee Heroes

This TV show focuses on the youngest riders in the  Metropolitan Motocross racing circuit. These riders ages 4-6 pulls no punches when they get on the track. find out what these riders and their parents go through to keep them out of trouble, on the track and off.

LMD Logo Trans.png 


This shows is an expose' on female motocross racers currently on the Metropolitan Motocross racing circuit. These female riders tell us how it really is being in a male driven sports and how and why they choose to be in it 

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The Motorcycle  chronicle logo  squared.

The Motorcycle Chronicles 

A weekly expose on celebrity and non-celebrity motorcycle riders talking about their war stories and how their motorcycle life on the road has impacted their lives, family and future. A known motorcycle - Bike of the week (2) Motorcycle Film Festival, Rallies or Events (3) Motorcycle News

HouseWives On Hogs                                                                              Avid motorcycle rider and breast cancer survivor Sarah Spiegel, joined by 3 of her female fellow bikers embark on  adventures to search for other like minded riders and tell their stories of survival and heroism on the road.

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The Winners Logo Bike Lrg copy.png

The Winners Circle                                                                                    Join us as we talk motocross with the winners of the latest racing event and also see highlights of their last race as they strategize for the upcoming race to gain more points in the standings

 The Motorcycle Channel® Film Festival
Coming Fall 2022
TMCFF poster for website 2022 web.png

The Motorcycle Channel®, Film Festival celebrates the world’s best dramatic, documentary, short and experimental films created by the International Motorcycle. The Motorcycle Channel Film Festival is a unique cultural event that brings people together to watch universal stories told through the lens of motorcycling. The Motorcycle Channel Film Festival will not only give film makers a chance to be viewed at the film festival, but these works of art will be viewed on our own unique platform of The Motorcycle Channel® and its streaming networks

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